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2011-08-23 08:43:28 by DrSalvadork

Third year.


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2012-03-25 01:19:24

Hi. Remember Shortson? His content dwells here for now:
I decided to start a fresh account, and contribute something of quality after my last year of high school under an alias I'm more comfortable with. Shortson was childish me back from when I was 12, 13? Not sure, none the less my content streaming has become scarce as I've edged nearer to the senior school year, it's actually pretty scary.
I'm listening to Beirut, an adorable band. It's just before my half yearly tests too, making this entire thing seem so sentimental.
Anyway, how's uni going man? I'd love to know how life's treating you.

DrSalvadork responds:

Hi! It's good to hear from you!
I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner... I've actually been on my page several times the past few years, but I seriously didn't realize I had unread messages... I assumed I'd read them a long time ago...

So I don't really know if you'll see my response or not, but I can always hope...

I'm glad to hear you've matured and going through school... Hey wait, you've probably graduated by now! How are you doing now? Are you studying anything?
I saw you've gotten amazingly good at drawing! That's sweet! :D

I'm still stuck in uni, and probably will be for a few years...

I've had ups and downs. I could tell you a bit more in a PM...
I haven't really been productive with creative stuff for a long time, but I'm hoping I could start to do stuff again at some point... I've also been more interested in game development, although I still don't know how to make games... Oh well, everything in its own time I guess.

In any case, I hope you're doing great and hopefully we can get to catch up...
Take care, see ya!


2013-01-27 17:17:07

Long time no post!
Still university?

DrSalvadork responds:

Hi Cyberdevil!
Yea, it's been a really long time!
I haven't been using Newgrounds much at all for a while, partly due to having such a slow computer that this site didn't work on it anyway...
Now I have a new computer though, and I can browse this site again! :D

Yup, still university, but now I have my civiltjänst out of the way. I'm hoping to try more animation and stuff for fun soon, so I might be a bit more active on this site again. :)


2013-03-27 14:28:11

Long time no post!
Oh wait I just...


2015-04-25 08:10:00